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World War I General

The First World War, called the Great War until Hitler’s advance across Europe in 1939 started the Second World War, was perhaps the bloodiest conflict in human history.  The Ypres Salient in Belgium was the scene of many British Battles and is the final resting place for thousands of Commonwealth soldiers.

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ANZAC Locations

The Somme, France & Ypres Salient, Belgium

New Zealand Memorial Longueval, Australian National Memorial, Australian 1st & 4th Division Memorials, Hill 60, NZ Memorial Messines Ridge, NZ Memorial to the Missing, Polygon Wood & NZ Memorial


148 Video Clip Files

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Canadian Locations

The Somme, France & Ypres Salient, Belgium

Brooding Soldier Memorial (Belgium), Canadian National Memorial Passchendaele (Belgium), Vimy Ridge (France), Canadian Memorial Courcelette (France), Canadian Sunken Road Cemetery (France), Newfoundland Memorial Park (France)


157 Video Clip Files

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American Revolutionary War

American Civil War

Civil Rights in America




The Holocaust

The Cold War

The Somme

Ieper Salient

World War I General

World War II General



United States History

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