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American Civil War

(Eastern Theatre)

(Special Offers)

Civil Rights in the United States




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The Ypres Salient, Belgium

The Somme, France

The Cold War

American Revolutionary War

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World War I General

World War II General

United States History

European History

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Video History Today Instant Download Refund Policy

If you are not happy with the Instant Download product, we promise to refund your payment in full. Video History Today has tried to put together a value-for-money product that students, teachers or the curious find useful.  Just send us an email within 60 days of purchase and we will happily refund your money in full.


1.  The video files are all .WMV format for use on Windows XP and Windows Vista computers.  The files have not been designed for use on Apple MAC computers.

2.  When you purchase a Video History Today video collection you a purchasing a licence to use the video material in one school only.   It is not to be distributed or copied in any way to other schools or places of education.

Video History Today Video Clip Collections

The simple idea behind Video History Today is to give educators raw video files recorded at REAL places where REAL history happened.  The video collections have all been recorded on location by filming the key locations, general views and those you didn’t know were there.

The raw video clips are exactly that, raw.  The key is how the clips are used, what order they are put in, what other video/photo files are added and most importantly, what narration is used: the video clips are just the starting point.

Young people today make videos and upload them to YouTube all the time.  The aim of Video History Today is to harness the skills young people are naturally developing with this new medium and channel them into the classroom.  To make a video you must create a storyline, select the best clips, find other online resources, research, write and record the narration and finally edit your mini-documentary.  

Get your students to create a visual essay rather then writing one.

With Instant Downloads, once your payment is received, the video files can be

downloaded immediately!!!