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Thank You for your order.

Thank you for purchasing a video clip file from the Video History Today Collection.

The link below will take you to our server and the downloadable file containing video clips, contemporary photographs and in most cases, additional information relating to the site (Google Earth links, archive images, maps etc).  The files are quite large (over 200MB) and therefore it may take some time to download (this depends on many factors including the speed of your internet connection as well as demand on our server).            


Please double click on one of the banners below, download the file, open the file (see below for assistance if required) and make sure you the download has been successful before starting on the next banner.


Once the file downloaded successfully, select the hard drive you wish to place the Video Clip File into (PLEASE SELECT A DRIVE REF. SUCH AS C:/ or D:/ DIRECTORY) and UnZip the file (please make sure to select this same file location when each download is complete).  Windows Vista machines should prompt you automatically while Windows XP will require a suitable application (see below) to open the file.

If each download file is opened in a different location in error, then you can simple click-and-drag the files into one location.

Video Clip File Download

To download the Video Clip File, please double left-click on the banner below: (total file size 369MB).

If you experience any problems with the downloads, please send an email explaining what went wrong to admin@videohistorytoday.com.  (Please allow up to 48 working hours for a response).

We will then send you a new link to access the files again (but only to the same name and email address used with the original order).

Zipped Files

The video clip file has been placed into what is called a Zipped; this is what allows you to download such a large number of files over the internet.  

The easiest way to explain this is to think of a suitcase or other piece of luggage:

When you want to transport all your clothes, shoes etc when you go on vacation, you put them all in a bag and zip it up.  

When you want to transport a lot of files over the internet, you put them into one package and Zip it up.

All you need is the right software to help UnZip (or open) the package.  If you do not already have this software (your computer will normally have a pop-up window telling you it can or cannot open the Zipped file), here is a link to the free UnZip software by CamUnZip used by Video History Today, (CLICK HERE).

When you have downloaded the UnZip software, your computer will ask where you wish to extract the file to.  Take care to select the correct location on your computer hard drive.  The package will open and the operate in the same way as any other file/folder on your computer.

If you have any queries after your purchase, please do not hesitate to contact Video History Today (email address: admin@videohistorytoday.com)

Thank you.

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Final note:  Video History Today uses Clickbank.com, the Internet's leading retailer of digital products for its video clip downloads.  ClickBank or CLKBANK*COM will appear on your bank or card statement and not Video History Today.