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Germany Holocaust Locations

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The Holocaust, also known as the Shoah, is the term used to describe the systematic state murder of nearly 6 million people by the Nazi Germany under the rule of Adolf Hitler during World War II.

The files in this selection include several camps in Germany as well as significant Memorials and other locations relating to the Holocaust.

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Bergen-Belsen Concentration Camp, near Hanover, Germany

Anne Frank headstone, Block 9 & Block 10, Memorial Exhibition, Jewish Memorial, Obelisk & Wall of Inscriptions, Timber Cross, Soviet Cemetery, Water Reservoir, Mass Graves, Memorial Area.


102 Video Clip Files

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Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp, Berlin, Germany

Gatehouse Tower, Crematoria, Camp Security, Crematoria, Mass Graves, Execution Trench, Memorial to the Victims, Sachsenhausen Memorial, Special Camp, Views inside/outside camp, Prison in a Prison, Mass Graves.


92 Video Clip Files

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Dachau Concentration Camp,

near Munich, Germany

Dachau Huts, Entrance Gate, Dachau Exhibition, Crematorium, The Memorials, Views around the camp.


59 Video Clip Files

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Berlin Holocaust Locations, Germany

Hitlers Bunker, Wannsee Villa, Jewish Memorial Tablets, Jewish Museum, Nazi Supreme Court, Memorial to Murdered Jews, Grosse Hamburger Strasse Memorial.


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American Civil War

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World War I General

The Holocaust

The Cold War

The Somme

Ieper Salient

World War II General